Требуються разработчики для MMORPG.

Planeshift MMORPG ищет новых разработчиков для волонтерской работы.Знание англиского обезательно.

Join The Team!

Here are 10 reasons why you should dedicate some of your time (or your entire life, as you prefer) to PlaneShift:

1.PlaneShift is the first 3D MMORPG to be free for all players to play, as much as they want2.Thousands of fans will see and enjoy what YOU made3.It will not be your job, but your hobby, so you can really enjoy it and work in the areas you like best4.The team is ever growing, with talented people from all over the world sharing the same dream5.Unlike pro games, no commercial constraints such as money, time, or schedule can stop us. Only our own quality standards and talents determine how far we can go6.We are a fair, friendly and happy team! With contributors from 11 countries currently, you can make new friends all around the world--all with talents and interests similar to your own7.We have a unique license which we feel will ensure the success of the project and the integrity of the game we are creating8.The core engine is released under GPL giving to it endless life and endless ability to improve.9.You will have the chance to contribute to the fun of thousands of players

10.With our vision of free and open code and free play, Planeshift Will shake the gaming community in the next few years

Больше информации здесь: http://www.planeshift.it/recruitment.html

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С какой радости, если там будут иностранные игроки? Лучше такой проект делать в рамках СНГ.

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