Случайно натолкнулся в сети на этот ресурс. What is gamedevmap? gamedevmap is a living map and catalog of game development organizations. How do I use the map? The gamedevmap database can be searched in several ways: * Click on a colored dot on the map to search for all the companies and organizations in that location. * Type a company, city, country, or region name into the search area and press the search button to find more specific data. * Click on a category below the search bar to quickly see all the companies that fall under that category. The results of your search will be displayed below the map. On what criteria are companies added to the gamedevmap database? Publishers, development studios with a staff of five or more, studios with previously published games, and studios under contract with a publisher are listed. Middleware companies, service providers, and schools are not currently being tracked. gamedevmap does not track individual talent, consultants, or mod groups. How often is gamedevmap updated? Our database is updated regularly. We rely on your support to keep our data current. Please address additions and corrections to Include Company Name, URL, City, State/Province, and Country. How can I support gamedevmap? Help us keep current on the global scene by becoming a regional advisor. What if I still have unanswered questions? Email and we will do our best to get back to you.
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